What is an internship? Where and who can undertake it? should you be paid for an internship? - Vladislav Volynets answers all these questions in the expert material for robota.ua

22 october 2020

The COVID 19 pandemic and the lockdown demonstrated the unwillingness of Ukrainian labor legislation to adequately respond to critical situations. How the regulation of labor relations has changed during the quarantine reality explains Julia Tomko

19 october 2020

National Bank reprimanded and expressed no confidence in Rozhkova and Solohub The scandalous decision of the Council of the National Bank of Ukraine to reprimand and express no confidence in Deputy Chairmen of the Kateryna Rozhkova and Dmitry Solohub has been actively discussed in media for several days. Roman Kobets analyzed the legal consequences of such a decision and figured out whether it would lead to the dismissal of Mrs. Rozhkova and Mr. Solohub

07 october 2020

The moratorium on foreclosure on foreign currency mortgages was to expire on October 21. However, on September 16, the Verkhovna Rada, taking into account the President's amendments, extended the moratorium until April 21, 2021. Roman Kobets explained the consequences of extending the moratorium for Ukrainian borrowers with debts on foreign currency loans

29 september 2020

On August 8, Law No. 786-IX came into force, which lifts the moratorium on several types of unscheduled inspections. Semen Kravtsov explained what inspections are being resumed.

22 september 2020

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