The moratorium on foreclosure on foreign currency mortgages was to expire on October 21. However, on September 16, the Verkhovna Rada, taking into account the President's amendments, extended the moratorium until April 21, 2021. Roman Kobets explained the consequences of extending the moratorium for Ukrainian borrowers with debts on foreign currency loans

29 september 2020

On August 8, Law No. 786-IX came into force, which lifts the moratorium on several types of unscheduled inspections. Semen Kravtsov explained what inspections are being resumed.

22 september 2020

At the end of August, the NBU declared bank Arkada bankrupt. At the same time, more than UAH 9.5 billion disappeared from the bank's accounts, which were attracted from 13 thousand depositors for the construction of three residential complexes. Semen Kravtsov explained to the Financial Club the existing working mechanisms for protecting the rights of the Construction financing fund principals and what are the prospects for depositors in this situation.

18 september 2020

The trend towards digitalization of paper documents and government services is also traced in the regulation of labor relations. In early September, the Verkhovna Rada adopted in the first reading bill No. 3623, which provides for the introduction of electronic work books in Ukraine, and paper will gradually be phased out

12 september 2020

Living in the context of the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 dictates the need to adapt all areas of life to function and develop in new realities. The Verkhovna Rada registered bill No. 4051, which provides for updating the provisions on remote working, which are still regulated by Soviet acts. Read about the prospects of such an initiative and the main innovations in the expert material of Yulia Tomko

11 september 2020

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