Dmytro Mukha commented on the main gaps and possible consequences of the Bill No. 3316-1 of April 24, 2020, registered with the Verkhovna Rada. "On Amendments to the Criminal Code of Ukraine (regarding the establishment of criminal liability for public calls and / or propaganda of the refusal of children, the destruction of the institute family, extramarital and unnatural sexual relations and debauchery) "

11 may 2020

The green tariff was introduced in Ukraine in 2008: the state committed to purchase all electricity generated from renewable sources at a high fixed tariff until 2030. The green tariff should be an incentive for the development of electricity production from renewable sources. On the principle of green auctions, the advantages and disadvantages of such a system as well as the reasons for the delay in the full launch of green auctions explained Katerina Startseva for Hmarochos media

11 may 2020

A period of a quarantine moratorium on tax audits is the best time for businesses to learn about new effective tools for dealing with tax in court. Roman Kobets tells of an additional argument from the Supreme Court to protect your business in court

02 may 2020

On April 23, a law came into force that changed the rules of judicial control over the observance of the rights, freedoms and interests of persons in criminal proceedings for the period of quarantine. Dmytro Mukha analyzed the main points in the introduced provisions

30 april 2020

To “withstand” quarantine and continue to function is the main task for most Ukrainian businesses. But not for grocery retail. This industry is faced with the question of how to increase sales and profits. Dmytro Mukha explain the general conditions for selling goods in grocery stores and the responsibility for non-compliance with the quarantine conditions when selling goods in grocery stores.

24 april 2020

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