If a share is not paid by one of the participants, the authorized capital may decrease only during its initial formation. At the time of registration of a new LLC, the size of the authorized capital and the share in the authorized capital of each of the participants is only nominally registered, but in fact have not yet been paid. Each member of the company must fully contribute within six months from the date of state registration of the company, unless otherwise provided by the charter. The relevant provisions can be made to the charter, changed or excluded from it by unanimous decision of the general meeting of participants, in which all participants of the company took part.

14 july 2019

The first stage of the project for the construction and operation of a photovoltaic power plant (PPP) is the implementation of the so-called "land development". It provides for the monitoring of the land mass, land surveys to determine the optimal locations for construction, as well as registration in accordance with the law of ownership or use of land for the construction of PPP.

14 july 2019

The key changes relate to a significant increase in the fees for preparing for the state registration of copyright and contracts relating to the literary and artistic copyright as well as the fees for actions related to the protection of rights to intellectual property items. For example, the copyright registration by an individual previously amounted to 55.25 UAH, now it will be 255 UAH. The submission of the trademark application previously amounted to 1,000 UAH, now - 4000 UAH; the submission of the utility model previously amounted to UAH 800, now - UAH 2,400.

27 june 2019

Over recent years, senior officials have repeatedly said that the current system of public administration in the field of intellectual property has demonstrated its low efficiency and inability to ensure development, and the relatively low levels of IPR protection in Ukraine raises a lot of criticism from international partners (in particular, the US and the EU). In view of this on 1 June 2016, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, by its Resolution No 402, approved the Concept for Reforming the State System for the Protection of Intellectual Property in Ukraine, which defines the conceptual principles of the formation and implementation of state policy in the field of intellectual property.

12 june 2019

At the end of May, the Economic Court of the City of Kiev adjudicated on the claim of Turkish clothing brand LC Waikiki against the Dream Town Shopping Mall. The merits of a case is the accusation of the shopping and entertainment center for illegal actions - unilateral termination of the lease agreement and attempts to “evict” the LC Waikiki store from the Shopping Mall. Roman Kobets, having read the text of the decision, provided Retailers.ua with legal advice on further actions of the Dream Town Shopping Mall, which are necessary to protect property rights of the Shopping Mall.

12 june 2019

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