The adoption of Law № 466-IX created the illusion of introducing a new concept of a reasonable economic goal (business goal), however, this concept has been widely used by tax authorities and has been reflected in judicial practice for a long time. Should be understood that business goal is the goals of any entity to make gains or maintain assets. In other words, no entrepreneur will work for the sake of loss

06 august 2020

During the pre-holiday discounts on alcohol, inspectors sometimes try to illegally prosecute retailers and charge them tax liabilities. How retailers can avoid fines – read in the expert column by Roman Kobets, senior associate, attorney-at-law INPRAXI LAW for The Page

20 july 2020

Oksana Dukhovna ranked among best Ukrainian leading lawyers in Intellectual property law

18 july 2020

Over the past year, the global influencer market has almost doubled and by the end of 2020 should tote up $ 10 billion. Spending multimillion-dollar budgets to promote products through bloggers on social media, companies should be confident in choosing the right influencer and understand the features and pitfalls of legal regulation of the relationship with the opinion leader. How to choose the right influencer to get to the best target audience and what business needs to know about the peculiarities of legal regulation, read in the expert column by Semen Kravtsov

01 july 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has irreversibly changed the usual areas of activity and forced people around the world to adapt to the new reality. However, the biggest changes, of course, have been in medicine and health care. Oksana Dukhovna, Ph.D in law, partner, attorney-at-law INPRAXI LAW explained the main changes in the procedure of medical examinations of employees during the period of adaptive quarantine. Read the full text of the article on for HR.

30 june 2020

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