Writ proceedings in commercial procedure: is it worth wasting time? The reform of procedural legislation was completed more than a year ago. Despite the fact that judicial practice has settled the issue of the use of many institutions, some of them are still perceived as innovative. One of these institutions is the institution of writ proceedings.

24 may 2019

Criminal Misdemeanor Act – another step towards the development of the rule-of-law state. Criminal misconduct in the context of international practice is a widely used institution in the system of common and continental law. Most of the developed countries of the world have historically concluded that if a particular act is of minor gravity, does not carry a great public danger and for the commission of which less severe punishment is provided than for a crime, the investigation of such an act should be carried out according to a simplified procedure.

24 may 2019

The Cabinet of Ministers cut down the payment to doctors for patients ,who haven’t signed declarations, quarter earlier. Financing of healthcare institutions will be reduced by UAH 360 million from April 2019. Thus, since the beginning of April, primary care physicians have not received funding for patients from the “red list”. In turn, patients, without declarations, receive necessary medical treatment, but it happens like in a ping-pong.

22 april 2019

Significant transactions: existing practice. Agricultural enterprises, that operate with contractors - LLC, must each time carry out checks on such a contractor: is the transaction significant for him? If so, is the agreement of the general meeting of the counterparty obtained?

18 april 2019

Setting the real estate assets into operation through legal proceedings cannot be considered as a completely legitimate way of realizing the rights of the developer, but it can be used in cases when the bodies, exercising the state architectural and construction control, create hindrances to the lawful setting into operation.

18 april 2019

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