Main Media News Join the webinar "Actualities and Prospects of Using GDPR in Ukraine"

Join the webinar "Actualities and Prospects of Using GDPR in Ukraine"

29 february 2020

In the era of big data and with the rapid development of digital technology, the problem of protecting personal data has become one of the top modern issues.

19th, March Oksana Dukhovna, partner of INPRAXI LAW will hold a webinar on the topic “Actualities and Prospects of Using GDPR in Ukraine” within the online course with the GDPR of the Academy of Consulting Business

GDPR is considered one of the most influential laws of the last decade. In the framework of the webinar we will consider what penalties are expected for violation of the provisions of the regulation, and whether it is possible to reach a compromise between the interests of companies, the rights of users and the requirements of innovative development.

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